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 Europe export
HMS FOB Rotterdam - FOB Rotterdam, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 US export
Shredded - CFR East Asia Port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
HMS East Coast - delivered dock, $/l.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
Shredded FOB US East Coast - delivered dock, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 N.Europe domestic
Shredded - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 S.Europe domestic
Shredded - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 UK domestic
3B (shredded) - Del. mill, £/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
4A (new steel bales) - Del. mill, £/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
OA (plate & structural) - Del. mill, £/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Rotterdam export
Shredded - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Turkey import
HMS CFR Turkey - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 Black Sea export
A3, FOB Black Sea - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 China domestic
Heavy - Shanghai. Delivered mill Jiangsu (incl. 17% vat), RMB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Tokyo Steel purchase price
H2 - del. Okayama, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
H2 - del. Utsunomiya, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
Shindachi Bara (New cut, unpressed) - del. Okayama, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
Shindachi Bara (New cut, unpressed) - del. Utsunomiya, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
Shredded scrap A (auto) - del. Okayama, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
Shredded scrap A (auto) - del. Utsunomiya, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 East Asia import
HMS 1/2 80:20 - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 N.America domestic
#1 Busheling - Del. Mill, $/l.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
HMS 1/2 - Del. Mill, $/l.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
Plate & Structural - Del. Mill, $/l.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 US domestic
Shredded Midwest US - delivered, $/l.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
18-8 Stainless steel scrap - , $/l.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Brazil domestic
Aluminium Cans - Del. Mill, BRL/kg  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
Aluminium Castings - Del. Mill, BRL/kg  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
Aluminium Profiles, Extrusions - Del. Mill, BRL/kg  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Brazil S.E. domestic
Clean Steel Scrap - Del. Mill, BRL/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
HMS 1/2 - Del. Mill, BRL/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
Turnings - Del. Mill, BRL/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 

d: daily; w: weekly; m: monthly; q: quarterly; y: yearly;

Values are price indicators for orders placed during the month, for subsequent delivery. Prices may be nominal where insufficient transactions have occurred. Platts believes its prices are accurate and based on the best knowledge available, however we cannot be held responsible for any decisions based upon them. Terms & Conditions

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10 Jan 17 Brazil's ferrous scrap exports up 38.8% in December
10 Jan 17 Turkish scrap prices flat amid low trade volumes
9 Jan 17 US scrap pulls back slightly as buy week ends
6 Jan 17 Detroit-area mill enters scrap market at up $35-$40/lt
5 Jan 17 Booming US scrap market at a standoff, dealers bullish
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