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 Mexico domestic
SBMAU03 - Index Rebar Production Delivered - base 100 Mthly, Mex$/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01199 - Rebar - delivered, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Europe domestic
TS01032 - TSI Wire Rod Price Chg Idx - Delivered €/mt, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
STCBE00 - Platts TSI North-West Europe Rebar - EXW NW Europe, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01246 - Wire Rod (mesh quality) - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01160 - Medium sections - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01166 - Merchant Bar - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 N. Europe domestic
SB01102 - Eng. Steel HR round bars C45, 50-150mm dia - delivered, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Europe export
AAXFB04 - Rebar - FOB Mediterranean port, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Europe import
SB01197 - Rebar - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01247 - Wire Rod (mesh quality) - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01161 - Medium sections - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Turkey domestic
SB01206 - Rebar - Ex-stock (incl. 18% vat), TRY/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Turkey export
STCBM00 - Rebar - FOB Turkey, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01251 - Wire rod (mesh quality) - FOB Turkish port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01162 - Medium sections - FOB Turkish port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Black Sea export
SB01193 - Rebar - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01243 - Wire Rod (mesh quality) - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Russia domestic
AAXJG00 - Rebar - CPT, RUB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 China domestic
SB01259 - Rebar EXW Jiangsu - VAT-inclusive Wkly, RMB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01198 - Rebar Ex-stock Beijing - VAT-inclusive, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01262 - Wire Rod Ex-stock Shanghai - VAT-inclusive Wkly, RMB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Japan domestic (Tokyo Steel)
SB01205 - Rebar - CIF, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01115 - H-Beams - FOT, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Southeast Asia
SB01195 - Rebar - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01114 - H-Beam - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 China export
STCBZ02 - Rebar - FOB China, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STSBF00 - Square bar - FOB China, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01261 - Wire Rod mesh quality - FOB Shanghai, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Shanghai Futures Exchange
XHRC003 - Rebar (HRB400 / HRBF400, 16-25mm, 10t lots) - Third forward month settlement, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
XHRC001 - Rebar (HRB400 / HRBF400, 16-25mm, 10t lots) - First forward month settlement, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
XHWR001 - Wire Rod (HPB235f, 8mm, 10t lots) - First forward month settlement, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
XHWR003 - Wire Rod (HPB235f, 8mm, 10t lots) - Third forward month settlement, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 N.America domestic
SB01202 - Rebar - Ex-mill US Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01249 - Wire Rod (mesh quality) - Ex-mill US Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01240 - WF beams (medium) - Ex-mill US Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01168 - Merchant Bar - Ex-mill US Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 US domestic
STCBC00 - Rebar - EXW US Southeast, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 US import
STCBG00 - Rebar - DDP Houston, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 Mexico Domestic Production Delivered
SB01603 - Rebar - MXN/ton, Mex$/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Brazil S.E. domestic
SB01190 - Rebar (10mm) - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01241 - Wire Rod (drawing quality 6.5mm) - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01163 - Merchant Bar - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Latin America export
SB01248 - Wire Rod (mesh quality) - FOB Latin American port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Argentina domestic
SB01192 - Rebar - delivered, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Middle East import
SB01201 - Rebar - CFR Gulf States port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Middle East domestic
SB01200 - Rebar - Ex-works, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 

d: daily; w: weekly; m: monthly; q: quarterly; y: yearly;

Values are price indicators for orders placed during the month, for subsequent delivery. Prices may be nominal where insufficient transactions have occurred. Platts believes its prices are accurate and based on the best knowledge available, however we cannot be held responsible for any decisions based upon them. Terms & Conditions

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