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Flat Products
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 India domestic
TS01046 - HRC India Domestic - DDP Mumbai Wkly, INR/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 N.Europe domestic
STHRE00 - Platts TSI North European HRC - EXW Ruhr, €/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STRRE00 - Platts TSI North European CRC - EXW Ruhr, €/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01125 - Platts TSI North European HDG Coil - Ex-Works, base price, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
STPRE00 - Platts TSI North European Plate - EXW Ruhr, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 S.Europe domestic
SB01152 - Platts TSI South European HRC - Ex-Works, €/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01091 - Platts TSI South European CRC - Ex-Works, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01126 - Platts TSI South European HDG Coil - Ex-Works, base price, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01185 - Platts TSI South European Plate - Ex-Works, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Europe import
STHRA00 - HRC - CIF Antwerp, €/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STRRA00 - CRC - CIF Antwerp, €/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STPRA00 - Plate - CIF Antwerp, €/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01143 - HRC - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01085 - CRC - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01121 - HDG - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01182 - Plate - CIF S.European port, €/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Turkey domestic
SB01188 - Pre-painted 9002 0.5mm - Ex-Works, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01154 - Platts TSI Turkey HRC - Ex-works, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01092 - Platts TSI Turkey CRC - Ex-works, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01127 - Platts TSI Turkey HDG - Ex-works, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01186 - Plate - Ex-works, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 UK import
STHWM04 - HRC DDP West Midlands UK - , £/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Turkey export
SB01155 - HRC - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Turkey import
SB01156 - HRC - CFR Turkish port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01093 - CRC - CFR Turkish port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Black Sea export
STHRB00 - HRC - FOB Black Sea, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
STRRB00 - CRC - FOB Black Sea, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 Russia Black Sea export
SB01151 - HRC - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01090 - CRC - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Russia domestic
AAXJH00 - HR Sheet - CPT, RUB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
 China domestic
SB01260 - HRC Ex-stock Shanghai - VAT-inclusive, RMB/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01082 - CRC Ex-Stock Shanghai - VAT-inclusive Wkly, RMB/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01118 - HDG Ex-Stock Shanghai - VAT-inclusive Mthly, RMB/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01178 - Plate Ex-Stock Shanghai - VAT-inclusive Mthly, RMB/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 China export
STHRZ02 - HRC - SS400 FOB Tianjin China, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STHRY00 - HRC - SAE 1006 Premium FOB China, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
SB01083 - CRC - FOB Shanghai, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01119 - HDG - FOB Shanghai, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01180 - Plate (commercial grades) - FOB Shanghai, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 CIS export
SB01179 - Plate - FOB, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Japan domestic (Tokyo Steel)
SB01153 - HRC - FOT, ¥/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Southeast Asia
SB01142 - HRC - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 East Asia import
SB01084 - CRC - CFR, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
TS01043 - Plate CFR East Asia - CFR Wkly, $/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01176 - Plate (A36) - CFR - DISCONTINUED, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 US domestic
SB01123 - Platts TSI HDG - EXW Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
STHRI00 - Platts TSI HRC - EXW Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STRRI00 - Platts TSI CRC - EXW Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STPRI00 - Platts TSI Plate - Delivered Midwest, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 US import
STHRG00 - HRC - DDP Houston, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STRRG00 - CRC - DDP Houston, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
STPRG00 - Plate - DDP Houston, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
 N.America import
SB01124 - HDG - DDP Houston, $/s.ton  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Mexico domestic
SB01145 - HRC - delivered, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Mexico Domestic Production Delivered
SB01403 - CRC - MXN/ton, Mex$/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Brazil domestic
SB01138 - HRC - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  wXX XX% 
SB01080 - CRC - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01117 - HDG - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01175 - Plate (A36) - excluding taxes, BRL/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Brazil export
SB01139 - HRC - FOB Brazilian port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01081 - CRC - FOB Brazilian port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Argentina domestic
SB01137 - HRC - Delivered, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01079 - CRC - Delivered, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 Middle East import
SB01146 - HRC - CFR Persian Gulf port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
SB01122 - HDG - CFR Persian Gulf port, $/t  XX-XX  mXX XX% 
 FOB US Midwest
XNHR001 - CME Nymex HRC Futures (20s.ton lots) - 1 month settlement, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 
XNHR003 - CME Nymex HRC Futures (20s.ton lots) - 3 months settlement, $/s.ton  XX-XX  dXX XX% 

d: daily; w: weekly; m: monthly; q: quarterly; y: yearly;

Values are price indicators for orders placed during the month, for subsequent delivery. Prices may be nominal where insufficient transactions have occurred. Platts believes its prices are accurate and based on the best knowledge available, however we cannot be held responsible for any decisions based upon them. Terms & Conditions

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23 Apr 19 US HDG prices drop sharply, HRC and CRC mostly stable
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22 Apr 19 UK coil prices lower, under pressure from EU mills
19 Apr 19 Asia HRC pauses as market awaits Formosa offers
19 Apr 19 Global market heards selection
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19 Apr 19 Usiminas postpones domestic flat steel price hikes to May
19 Apr 19 US HRC prices mostly unchanged, pressure looms
19 Apr 19 US plate market standoff lingers, nears tipping point
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