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Platts Steel Markets Daily

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Platts Steel Markets Daily

A leading steelmaking raw materials service, providing news to the global raw materials markets



Publication available in English

Platts Steel Markets Daily provides transparent daily and weekly assessments of iron ore, coking coal & coke, ferrous scrap and ferroalloys prices, plus insightful analysis and commentary on the day’s market activities.

With more than 80 price assessments published daily and weekly, and global coverage of news and markets, you can make critical decisions with complete confidence.

A subscription includes:

  • Platts IODEX and TSI iron ore benchmark prices, market updates and commentary
  • Daily coking coal price assessments and commentary
  • Scrap and Ferro-alloy prices and market news
  • Access to the Platts Price Analyzer, steel and raw materials price comparison service
  • Platts Steel Raw Materials Monthly monthly news and features report
  • Platts Insight bi-weekly (twice a month) feature articles covering different aspects of the steel industry

The premium subscription also gives you full download ability to the Platts Price Analyzer - to greatly aid your price modelling.

See how Platts Steel Markets Daily can help you:

  • Daily raw material price assessments allow traders to establish independent prices for long and short term contracts and help purchasers to better negotiate contracts
  • Market commentary and news from the world’s major trading hubs help purchasers and producers understand what might be influencing the market today, as well as in the future
  • Analysis of market fundamentals lets traders know what’s happening along the supply chain to help them spot trends and form future pricing strategies, and helps purchasers manage their inventory levels
  • Reports on government activities such as policy, trade actions and legislation with analysis from Platts on how this affects the raw materials market can enable Producers to adjust business plans and provides Risk Managers with more situational awareness
  • Breaking news can allow people all along the supply to chain to react to rapidly changing market conditions
Platts Steel Markets Daily Subscription includes...
Raw materials news

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global coverage
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steel Prices & Trackers
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market news by product
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 Price Analyzer
Steel Price Analyser
over 80 scrap & raw materials price series
21 price trackers
graph & download
full historical access
change currency
change weight units
daily forward prices
Steel Raw Materials Monthly - monthly report

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current & forecast prices
supply and future scenarios
demand side developments
regional & product overviews
monthly PDF
Insight special reports

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unique analysis
market trends
company profiles
PDF, every 2 weeks
News Archive
News Archive
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