SBB Charity Ping Pong Tournament
14 June 2008

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SBB China Earthquake Charity Ping Pong Tournament

On May 12th, an earthquake of magnitude 8 occurred in Wenchuan county, China. Up to now, it is reported that more than 69,172 people died and countless injured. 

In order to help earthquake victims as quickly as possible, SBB has decided to move up its annual Shanghai charity game to June 14th, 2008. The game is associated with Shanghai Red Cross. We have raised €20,000 that we donated to China Red Cross for rescuing and helping earthquake victims and reconstruction.

The event was successfully held in Hongkou Stadium on Jun 14th. Lots of domestic and international steel companies gave their great support. Following are some companies who gave their donations and confirmed with SBB. Their kind contribution can certainly help the earthquake victims and we really appreciate what they have done.

Event Details
Dates:14 June 2008



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