SBB Forum: Midwest Steel - Minneapolis
17 August 2011

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Day 1 - Wednesday, 17 August 2011
12:00 Registration
13:00 Rick Dougherty, Cargill

-How does Cargill, a huge player in global commodities markets, see Midwest steel and raw materials markets changing as a result of growth in Asia?
-What does Cargill do to hedge in steel or other commodities to mitigate risk?

13:30 Matthew Lehtinen, Magnetation

-What opportunities are there for Minnesota Iron Range firms with the growth of iron ore markets overseas?
-What conditions need to exist (freight costs, etc.) in order to profitably export US iron ore into the seaborne market?
-What is the supply-demand balance with iron ore in the US?

14:00 Coffee break - Sponsored by Evraz Inc North America
14:30 Glenda Minor, Evraz

- Hear from CFO Glenda Minor what the future looks like for Evraz
- Evraz just recently moved headquarters from the west coast to Chicago, how will this impact markets in the Midwest?

15:00 Rich Brady, OmniSource

- What is the outlook for steel scrap and raw materials in Midwest markets?

15:30 Town Hall Q & A

Chairman: Ms Kate Giammarise

16:00 Cocktail reception - Sponsored by Cargill

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