SBB Steel Markets North America 2009
2-3 March 2009

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Demand is expected to remain sluggish in 2009 and this conference will provide you with the tools you need to make prudent decisions.  Gain a deeper insight into the current environment from listening to perspectives from some of the top names in the domestic industry (to be announced soon). The status of the proposed US economic stimulus package should be announced by the start of the conference and 2009 market conditions will become more concrete and apparent.


Program sessions included:
  • State of the industry session  will look at the financial health of producers and the potential impact of the stimulus package.
  • A service center panel conducted by top CEO’s
  • Global and domestic outlook
  • NEW! Raw Materials session with a focus on scrap, iron ore, alternative irons, and met coal


Day 1 - Monday, 2 March 2009
09:30 Registration

Enjoy a coffee while registering for the conference, and meet your fellow industry peers.

11:00 Welcome Address

Chairman: Mr Andrew Goodwin

11:10 Session 1: Global & Domestic Steel Outlook

Leading industry analysts discuss the current domestic and global climate as it relates to steel. Also included will be an examination of the steel industry from an end-market perspective focusing on the automotive, energy and construction markets. How these outlooks translate into demand for sheet, rebar, plate and pipe will be addressed.

Chairman: Mr Mark Wiggett

12:30 Luncheon Presentation

During lunch, The Steel Index will share market sentiment gathered in its 2008 surveys and chart how responses correlated to demand and pricing. Current surveys will then be explored in an effort to project where the steel price tracking specialists see the market headed for the bulk of 2009. The Steel Index - - is the premier weekly resource for independent steel and iron ore reference prices

14:00 Session 2: Raw Materials Outlook

With input costs serving as a barometer to where steel prices are headed, the importance of knowing their direction has become increasingly critical for steelmakers managing costs and for customers planning their buying patterns. Learn about what is going in the US ferrous scrap market and the metallics market in general. A forecast on where iron ore pricing is headed in 2009 will also be addressed.

Chairman: Ms Lisa Gordon

15:30 Networking Coffee Break

Take this opportunity to do business, visit the exhibitors, and enjoy a well deserved refreshment.

16:15 Session 3: Service Center CEO Q&A

Successful stockists will address questions from the moderator and the audience on a variety of subjects. Learn where they see historically low levels of inventory heading for the remainder of the year. Other topics to be addressed include managing inventory in a volatile market, dealing with customer credit issues and which specific products are holding up best.

Chairman: Mr Dave Phelps

17:30 Cocktail Reception

Enjoy this relaxing reception and take this chance to meet fellow conference participants and discuss the day's presentations.

19:00 Gala Dinner

Join the SBB Team and your fellow conference participants for the Conference Gala Dinner.

Day 2 - Tuesday, 3 March 2009
07:30 Networking Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast whilst in the company of Steel Industry peers.

08:30 Session 4: The State of the Industry

This thought provoking session will delve into the domestic market with presentations on the financial health of steel producers, the potential impact of the stimulus package on the industry as well as the state of the industry in general.

Chairman: Mr Tom Balcerek

10:15 Networking Coffee Break

Take this opportunity to do business, visit the exhibitors, and enjoy a well deserved refreshment.

11:00 Session 5: Logistics

How are truck & rail working together to lower shipping costs? Is the top load rule being enforced in the railroad industry? What is happening with the anti-trust lawsuit against railroads that was filed by a steelmaker? How is TWIC impacting the trucking business? Layoffs and closures are becoming prevalent in the trucking industry – what will this mean when demand returns? These and other questions will be posed.

12:15 Closing Comments

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