SBB Shale Play Tubulars 2010
23-24 June 2010


Upcoming event: SBB Shale Play Tubulars 2010

 Shale Play Tubulars is a brand new conference SBB developed to educate and provide business opportunities for the steel OCTG and line pipe sectors in the rapidly growing area of shale play natural gas activity.

Interest in the shale plays has surged since new drilling technologies made it possible to extract the gas economically. New types of drilling inevitably means new types of tubulars, with many tube mills and distributors rushing to bring new products to market.

We have chosen Pittsburgh as it is the center of attention for potentially the largest play of all, the Marcellus Shale formation in the northeastern US. Covering most of Pennsylvania and stretching into five states, the Marcellus has been estimated to contain up to 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – enough to supply the entire US demand for almost two decades.

With high-population areas like New York, New Jersey and New England just a stone's throw away, the giant Marcellus exemplifies the opportunities available for steel and natural gas producers alike in shale plays throughout North America.

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Topics to be discussed include

  • Overview: Where are the plays? How much gas is there and how much is currently recoverable? How likely is it that they will be exploited? When will it happen? Who are the front runners
  • How will new government clean energy initiatives impact business in the Marcellus Shale region, and, subsequently, the steel industry?
  • What types of oilfield tubes are the new generation of drillers using in the shale plays and what will that mean for supply and pricing? How much is going to be needed?
  • What are the opportunities for globally sourcing the varieties of pipe in use in the shale plays? Is it likely that imports will become more, or less, important when recent unfair trade cases are taken into account?
  • Pipelines are going to have to be built to transport the gas long distances to the big end-use markets. What kind of opportunities exist for line pipe producers, stockists and processors?

Program includes presentations from the oil & gas companies and their contractors, tube mills, tube traders and distributors.

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This event will be held at The Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, starting with a cocktail reception at 7pm.
The presentations will begin at 8am on Thursday, June 24 and end with lunch around 1pm. 


The timing  is designed to coincide with the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors' summer conference in Pittsburgh June 24-26. NASPD members have a special delegate rate of $400.



Event Details
Dates:23-24 June 2010
Extra Activities:Cocktail reception & Pre-registration - Sponsored by Chesapeake Energy
Languages:English, English (US)

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Speakers confirmed, check the full program on the program webpage


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Big shout out to SBB for always producing a first-class event. Superb content, quality speakers, beautiful branding and great attention to detail. I heard nothing but great comments from many attendees I spoke to at the conference. Bill Keegan, Esmark Steel Group

Congratulations for the successful North American conference. Great job SBB. I am looking forward already to attending your next event. Michael Difei Wang, Steelvision International Trading


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