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December scrap prices firm as trading continues

пятница, 04 декабря 2020

After starting off up as much as $70/lt in Detroit Dec. 2, US scrap prices were heard to be rising Dec. 4, particularly for remote material, as trades for the new month continued.

"It's the Wild West," said one Midwest broker.

"It's been a frenzy," agreed an Ohio Valley broker.

"If you have a ton and you can put it in front of someone, it'll get sold," said one supplier.

"The shoe's on our foot one month every five years, it happens to be on our foot this month," said another.

Prices on all grades were varying widely across the Midwest, with indications on shredded scrap ranging from $355-$360/lt up to $370-$385/lt or greater. "Chicago seems to be strongest on cuts. Midwest overall stronger than the Southeast it seems," said another supplier.

Remote scrap deals were heard on several grades to be surpassing the $400/lt level.

"[There's] a lot of remote deals as mills have to reach," said the second supplier.

The South is heard to be trading up $70-$80/lt and just as frenzied as the Midwest. "It's all over the board, I think," said a southern supplier. "It's just a matter of if you want the tons. If you can get a firm offer and it's not [unrealistically above the market], someone is probably going to take it."

Trading is expected to continue into Dec. 7 as several buyers were heard to have not yet completed their programs.

"It's definitely going to drag into Monday," said the southern supplier.

"There will still be people swinging the bat Monday when they realize they're not full," agreed the Midwest supplier.

Platts US shredded scrap index was calculated at $363.25/lt delivered Midwest Dec. 4, up $3.00 from Dec. 3.

-- Joe Eckelman

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