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Brazil's long steel makers raise prices for construction companies

пятница, 04 декабря 2020

Brazil's long steelmakers pushed a price hike mostly for some construction companies, with the market price level seen at above Real 3,800 ($741.41/mt).

S&P Global Platts assessed Brazilian domestic 10 mm rebar on Dec. 4 up 1.3% on the week, at Real 3,860/mt ex-works, taxes excluded, based on a range of Real 3,800-3,920/mt.

The midpoint value was equivalent to roughly Real 5,090/mt delivered price within Sao Paulo state, after an average freight rate of Real 150/mt and taxes totaling up to 21.25%.

For the construction companies, price increase may have reached 12.5%. Prices seen along the chain were very heterogeneous, with some end-users being supplied at the level of about Real 3,550/mt ex-works, taxes excluded.

With a price hike forced on these players, mostly supplied by major steelmakers, prices were equalized along the chain.

Another 12%-15% price hike is expected for January, said a construction company source. Nevertheless, no other source seconded the information.

“Actually [major mill are] avoiding to publicize price increase with advance, to avoid noise in the market,” said a mill source.

This was the sixth monthly price increase in a row. Long steel prices have already skyrocketed 71.5% since June 26’s Real 2,250/mt.

However, there are players still receiving delayed prices, such as major construction companies. As they usually buy higher volumes and have higher negotiation power, Platts do not assess their prices.

However, even those are expected to have their prices reaching the current market level by January 2021, as they will receive most of 2020’s hike at once.

“We were already warned about a 30%-40% price increase by early 2021,” said a major construction company source.

According to Platts calculations, Brazilian 10 mm rebar was valued at a premium of 5.1% to the Turkish rebar delivered price at Brazilian ports, after customs clearance, at $716.42/mt.

The exchange rate Dec. 4 was Real 5.12/$1.

-- Jose Guerra

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