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14 Dec 18 Turkish ship scrap prices fall by $30/mt in a week
14 Dec 18 Turkey's scrap imports seen dropping as mills cut output
14 Dec 18 Turkey's imported scrap prices drop below $300/mt
13 Dec 18 Brazil's November ferrous scrap imports up 126% on year
13 Dec 18 Turkish scrap prices slump on sluggish steel demand
12 Dec 18 Turkish domestic scrap pricing falls further with new cuts
12 Dec 18 Turkish imported scrap prices slip in silent market
11 Dec 18 Brazil's scrap prices steady despite pressure from mills
11 Dec 18 Turkish import scrap prices lower in quiet market
10 Dec 18 Turkish imported scrap prices inch down on sentiment
10 Dec 18 Weekly steel futures wrap: Scrap volumes rebound
7 Dec 18 Historical US January scrap price increase in jeopardy
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