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1 Jul 20 US steel groups hopeful USMCA will boost demand
1 Jul 20 Steel consumption falls in Turkey, exports slump: TCUD
1 Jul 20 Turkey's counter measures against EU steel imminent: sources
1 Jul 20 Colombian steelmakers seeking more protection from imports
30 Jun 20 Turkish May scrap imports fall sharply on pandemic
30 Jun 20 EC steel safeguards switch to quarterly country-specific quotas
29 Jun 20 Turkey adding more duties to over 400 products, steel included
29 Jun 20 Russian pig iron exports fall in January-April
26 Jun 20 Australia terminates AD/CVD investigations of Turkish rebar imports
26 Jun 20 US continues duties on light-walled rectangular pipe
26 Jun 20 US postpones preliminary determination on Turkish PC strand
25 Jun 20 Egypt's latest duty decision could limit Turkish flat steel exports
25 Jun 20 US imposes sanctions on four Iranian metals companies
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