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Dear Customer,

We’ve recently undertaken a readership survey with the goal of improving the usability of our Platts SBB Daily Briefing, World Steel Review, and Steel Markets Daily services.  Two clear themes that came out of the survey were:


1)      The desire to see fewer separate product components within these packages – in other words, fewer emails.

2)      The need to make the content more concise and easily consumed.

In response to your feedback, Platts has decided to eliminate stand-alone production of the Metals Insight supplemental publication and to integrate this type of analysis into the flagship Briefing and World Steel Review services, as well as Steel Markets Daily.  Going forward, the type of content previously covered in Metals Insight will be clearly marked with a designated “Insights” headline.


The last issue of the fortnightly Metals Insight publication will be on 2-Aug-2018, after which you’ll begin to see more frequent Insight content in the daily service lines.


We sincerely appreciate that so many of you took the time to respond to our survey, and we will continue to implement your valued suggestions going forward.  As always, any and all feedback is welcome.



Christopher Davis – Content Director, EMEA Metals



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How can I get the Platts Insight?

Platts SBB Insight is included with subscriptions to the Platts Daily Briefing and Platts Steel Markets Daily.

Discontinuation Notice

As of August 2nd, please be advised that Platts will no longer produce a separate version of the Metals Insight Publication.  Please read the announcement HERE.

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2 Aug 18 Volume 13/Issue 14 - Thyssenkrupp-Tata merger: changing the face of European steel?    
19 Jul 18 Volume 13/Issue 13 - The lithium party continues -despite falling prices    
21 Jun 18 Volume 13/Issue 12 - Space and seabed mining: targets in sight?    
7 Jun 18 Volume 10/Issue 11 - Section 232 tariffs create worldwide market commotion    
24 May 18 Volume 13/Issue 10 - REACH: Industry misses deadline for some metal product registrations    
10 May 18 Volume 13/Issue 9 - Beijing's visible hand: China's demand for iron ore and scrap through 2020    
19 Apr 18 Volume 13/Issue 8 - Steelmakers campaign to win back shares in construction market    
5 Apr 18 Volume 13/Issue 7 - Africa's battery metals rush - hopes for sustainable development?    
29 Mar 18 Volume 13/Issue 7 - Exchanges grow to meet metals markets needs    
15 Mar 18 Volume 13/Issue 5 - Reforms jolt European Union carbon market back to life    
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