SBB Steel Markets Middle East 2008
28-29 April 2008

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Please have a look at the programme outline below as well as the list of confirmed speakers.

Day 1 - Monday, 28 April 2008
09:10 Welcome
09:20 Session 1: Setting the Scene - The Middle East Steel Markets in 2008

The Middle East demand for steel in 2008 is the fastest growing in the world. We will analyse the fundamentals of growth in the region, the key factors influencing the demand for steel, how sustainable it is and how long demand is likely to continue.

Chairman: Mr Can Komar

10:30 Networking Coffee Break
11:00 Session 2: Competitive strategy for the Middle East and the Freight Markets

Analyzing the inherited advantages of the Middle East and its limitations on raw materials. Is construction the main, or the only driver of the booming demand? What will be the impact of traditional suppliers limiting exports to the Middle East?

Chairman: Mr Can Komar

12:30 Conference Luncheon
14:00 Session 3: Raw materials- Implications of higher Iron Ore prices. Scrap is available, but at what price?

We will examine the ever increasing costs of scrap, iron ore. Is there enough material to ease today’s shortages in the Middle East and if not – how high will prices go? Where will it come from?

Chairman: Mr Roger Manser

15:30 Networking Coffee Break
16:00 Session 4: Price Risk Management and Finance Developments

DGCX is offering a risk management platform for both buyers and the sellers of rebars since October 2007. The LME launched its billet futures contract. If you are buying or selling steel - find out how to protect your price and profit from them.

Chairman: Mr Kalin Rusev

19:00 Pre-Dinner Reception
20:00 Gala Dinner

Day 2 - Tuesday, 29 April 2008
09:00 Session 5: The suppliers- a country specific look

The consumption in the Middle East is expected to reach over 70 million tonnes by 2010 with significant growth in Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf States. We look at the main markets and countries supplying the region.

Chairman: Mr Joachim Schroeder

10:30 Networking Coffee Break
11:00 Session 6: Steel in Construction: A look at rebar prices in 2008, the dynamics in construction in 2008

Construction is the single most important steel consuming sector that is booming in the Middle East. Rebar reached the height of USD 1000, but has since softened. To what level are construction companies able to absorb rises to make projects viable? Are we likely to see softer prices as early as Q2 or later in Q3?

Chairman: Mr Steven Randall

12:30 Conference Luncheon
14:00 Session 7: Steel in Energy- Tubes & Pipes - production, procurement

We will examine the Tube and Pipe Market, and construction sector, helped by speakers active in the production and trade. What are the new projects coming on board and how much steel will be consumed in them? How much new material is coming into the region and what are the challenges and opportunities in these sectors.

Chairman: Mr Roger Manser

16:00 Round Table Discussion: China in Focus

A special SBB feature, an open forum moderated by Roger Manser. Come and express your views, hear other arguments, contribute to the discussion, learn with others. Chinese companies will be participating.


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