SBB Meets Hong Kong 2010
22 July 2010

Past events

Past Event: SBB Meets Hong Kong 2010

SBB Meets Hong Kong was really succesful.  People enjoyed the networking and to listen to SBB's latest forecasts and analysis on steel market.

Event Details
Venue:Penthouse Sky Lounge
Dates:22 July 2010


Anfari Shipbroking & Agency Ltd.
AO Smith
Asiazone Co., Ltd.
Cargill Ferrous International
Cargill Hong Kong Ltd
Edsal Sandusky
Everet International Co., Ltd.
Grandhunt Asia Co,Ltd
Guangdong Foshan YIGANG
Guangzhou Xinhao Metal Company
Hatch Associate Ltd. - China
HFZ Capital Management Ltd.
Hock Choon Steel & Machinery Sdn Bhd
ING Bank N.V. Hong Kong Branch
ING Commodities Croup, North Asia
Johnson Electric
Kai Cheong Inc
London Commodity Brokers
London Dry Bulk Pte Ltd / London Commodity Brokers Ltd
Macquarie Securities Group
MUR Shipping BV Hong Kong Branch
Pink Crown Development Ltd.
Pyramid International
Shiu Wing Steel Limited
Smart Timing Co., Ltd.
Smart Timing Ltd.
Smart Timing Steel Limited
Stemcor Hong Kong
Tata Steel International





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