SBB Training - London - May 2010
24-27 May 2010

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SBB Training: How the Steel Market Works

The May course How the Steel Market Works is over but we already have the next course in our sights.
Come join SBB in London on 13-16 September and perfect your steel knowledge.

Course sessions will include the following and more:

Day 1 -- The vocabulary of steelmaking. How steel is made and used.

Day 2 -- The evolution of the steel sector. The economics of steelmaking. Key steel end uses. The carbon agenda and climate change. Design the steel company of the future.

Day 3 -- International steel trade and trade flows. Strategic overview of steel prices. Price risk management. Forecasting.

Day 4 -- Steel Futures & Hedging.

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Dates:24-27 May 2010


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