SBB Green Steel Summit 2010
20-21 May 2010

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Program outline

Environmental Sustainability in the Global Steel Industry 

Day 1 - Thursday, 20 May 2010
08:30 Registration
10:00 Opening address
10:30 Refreshment break
11:05 Session 1: Taking stock - a look at how pending environmental legislation will impact the global steel industry.

Industry experts and company executives will examine how the carbon emissions reduction initiatives being considered by governments around the world will shape the global steel industry and its various markets in the coming years.

Among the topics likely to be discussed:

•Where, how - and at what cost – will steel be manufactured in the future?
•What will be the future trends in the international trade in steel products?
•Will China and its BRIC colleagues go along if the US and other countries enact cap-and-trade plans? What can be done to ensure compliance?
•How will border control policies and emissions trading impact the process?
•Will steel prices rise with increased environmental requirements?

Chairman: Mr Roger Manser

12:30 Networking lunch
14:00 Session 2: The producers’ perspective – mills discuss how they are responding to growing green demands.

Some of the world’s leading steelmakers talk about the strategies and tactics they’re employing to lessen steelmaking’s environmental impact.

Among the topics likely to be discussed:

•What are the industry’s current best practices?
•Which companies are setting the pace for their peers?
•How are these strategies impacting the bottom line?
•What CO2 reporting structures should be adopted globally?

Chairman: Mr Chris Davis

15:30 Refreshment break
16:00 Session 3: An inside look at inputs – the likely implications of a greener industry for raw materials suppliers

Scrap, iron ore, DRI, coking coal, power, gas and water: will it be business-as-usual further upstream, or are dramatic changes in the offing?

Among the topics likely to be discussed:

•Will DRI and HBI become raw materials of choice as the industry goes greener?
•What role will carbon credits play?
•Can mills afford to change the way they make steel?
•Will scrap become more important as a feedstock?
•What does the life cycle analysis of steel show?

Chairman: Mr Roger Manser

18:30 Cocktail reception

Day 2 - Friday, 21 May 2010
07:30 Networking breakfast
09:00 Session 4: End users speak out - how steel’s main markets are responding to the new environmental climate

Customers are making new demands on their steel suppliers. They’ll explore the latest green trends in construction, automotive and other industry sectors.

Among the topics likely to be discussed:

•New uses of steel in a low carbon economy
•Is there more to green building than just LEED certification?
•How is the auto industry making use of stronger, lightweight materials?
•What’s the next trend in sustainable manufacturing and what does it mean for your company?
•How will infrastructure investments fare with green steel?

Chairman: Mr Andrew Goodwin

10:30 Refreshment break
11:00 Session 5: A new day in steel - environmental issues are driving exciting technological innovations

Changing commercial, social and political pressures present a new mandate for plant and equipment makers. Learn about the latest developments in steelmaking and processing, from carbon sequestration to emerging blast furnace technologies.

Among the topics likely to be discussed:

•ULCOS: Ultra low CO2 steelmaking
•Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
•Improvements in blast furnace efficiencies

Chairman: Mr Ron Ashburn

12:30 Closing comments

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