How the Steel Market Works - Pittsburgh, December 2009
3-4 December 2009

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SBB Training USA: How the Steel Market Works is over and we will be deciding on the location and date of our next event shortly.

The content of our training course held on December 3-4 in Pittsburgh contained the following:

Day 1 - Thursday, 3 December 2009
8am Session I: Introduction

Steelmaking video

9am Session II: Steel Production Process. Part I.

What is steel?
Raw materials
Steelmaking process routes


Session III: Steel Production Process. Part II.

Rolling & Coating
Galvanizing & Coating

1.30pm Session IV: End Use Sectors part 1: steel types, volumes and trends

Automotive & Transportation


Walk around the block looking at steel products and applications

3.00pm Session V: End use sectors part 2; steel types, volumes and trends

Domestic Appliances
Energy/ Oil & Gas
Industrial Products

4pm Session VI: A macro view of the US and world steel market

Historic growth of steel production and consumption
Industry evolution and consolidation
Steelmaking costs in context: a look at scrap vs iron ore
Trade flows

Day 2 - Friday, 4 December 2009
8.30am Session VII: How a Purchasing Manager thinks

Calculating & Negotiating steel prices
Pricing Fundamentals
Steel spot vs contract and index pricing
Demand, supply and market sentiment
How Purchasing Managers think, and act

10.30am Session VIII: Forecasting steel prices

Quantitative techniques
Designing the forecast methodology

Qualitative techniques
Using qualitative techniques to forecast steel prices
Demonstration of price analyser
The Steel Index Data and Market Survey

1.15pm Session IX: Price Risk Management

Reasons to manage price risk
Traditional steel industry approaches
Emerging financial tools - what are they and how do they work?
Price discovery - role of indexes and forward curves
Key characteristics and benefits of using financial tools

3pm Session X: International steel trading & domestic distribution

The evolution of steel trading
Steel distribution in the U.S.
To import or not to import?
Anti-dumping & other legal actions

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Dates:3-4 December 2009


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