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Turkish pipe export prices steady, demand slow

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Turkey’s export markets for tube and pipe have slowed down because of summer and Ramadan periods, in addition to the political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The financial crisis in some EU countries has added a further layer of uncertainty.

Prices have unchanged since the beginning of the month, and may inch upwards through September-October as demand is expected to recover, Steel Business Briefing learns from market participants.

The prices of S235 grade cold rolled longitudinally welded pipe, 48mm diameter and 2mm wall thickness are at around $900/tonne fob, while the S275 grade pipes of the same sizes are offered at $915/t fob, and S355 prices are at $930/t fob.

The prices of hot rolled longitudinal welded square tubes of 40x40mm and 2mm wall thickness are at around $830/t fob, SBB learns.

“We still expect the prices to move up in September-October period. The political unrest is mostly limiting the demand from the MENA and the possible financial crisis rumours in the Europe is worrying the buyers”, says a Turkish pipemaker. “But we expect the market recovers in the coming two months.”

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