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Riva Cornigliano plant operates at 45% capacity

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Riva Cornigliano steelworks in northern Italy is working at 45% of its capacity, producing at a rate of 300,000 tonnes/year, Steel Business Briefing understands from sources close to the company. SBB's Capacity Book puts the plant’s annual capacity is 1.3m t of cold rolled, 1.3m t of galvanised and 730,000t of tinplate.

Despite the gloomy market, Riva plans to invest €880m ($1,083m) in the plant and its infrastructure, more than the €770m that it announced in its five-year industrial plan. The company is building a fourth galvanizing line scheduled for completion in 2012 as well as new cutting and packaging lines.

It is understood that Riva also plans to construct a new power station for the plant, which is located near Genoa.

SBB believes that Cornigliano is running just its newest galvanizing line out of the three available at the moment, which has a capacity of around 500,000 t/y. It is also running one tinning line out of three.

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