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East China steelmakers raise or roll over round billet prices for Oct. 21-31

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Major producers of round steel billet in eastern China have rolled over or raised their list prices for Oct. 21-31 sales.

Zenith Steel Group and Changqiang Iron & Steel -- major producers in Jiangsu province -- rolled over prices for No.20 50-130 mm rounds respectively to Yuan 4,250/mt ($639/mt) and Yuan 4,200/mt, ex-works, including 13% VAT.

Huaigang Special Steel, another major supplier of round billet based in Jiangsu, raised its price for semi-finished products by Yuan 30/mt to Yuan 4,230/mt for Oct. 21-31 sales, ex-works, including VAT.

These mills raised their list prices by Yuan 30-60/mt for Oct. 11-20 sales, after a reduction of Yuan 100/mt for their list prices for Oct. 1-10.

-- Analyst Yuelin Dai

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