SBB Meets Qingdao 2009
27 August 2009

Past events

Past Event: SBB Meets Guangzhou 2009

SBB Meets Qingdao was really succesful.  Around 50 steel professionals attended to network and to listen to Paul Bartholomew and Tina Wang's presentation, speak about the latest on steel market.


Event Details
Venue:Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao
Dates:27 August 2009


Baosteel Group Corporation
Beijing China Mining Continental Mineral Resource Development Co., Ltd. Qingdao Co.
Bluescope Steel Limited
Bralco International Trading (China) Co., Ltd.
China Steel Global Trading Corporation
China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd
Commodity & Freight Services Pte Ltd
CSGT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
DaeLim Global Corporation
Falcon Resources (Shanghai) Ltd.
Grand Group Corporation
Jiangsu Fengli Group (Shanghai Great Credit International Trade Co.,Ltd)
Jiangsu Fengli Group Co.,Ltd
KDS Group
London Dry Bulk Pte Ltd / London Commodity Brokers Ltd
Qingdao Jianbang International Trade Co., Ltd
Qingdao Jianbang International Trade Co.,Ltd
Qingdao Jianbang International Trade Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao Mingnan Trading Co.,Ltd
SBB China
Shandong Hongda International Transportation Co.,Ltd
Shanghai C&D Corporation Limited
Shanghai Minxingda International Trade Co.,Ltd(Xiamen Xiangyu Group)
Shanxi Jianbang Group Co., Ltd
Steel Business Briefing
Steel Business Briefing Ltd
Tianjin Stx-Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd
Trafigura Pte Ltd
Welcome Trading Co Pte Ltd
Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited (Shanghai Co.,Ltd)
Xiamen Xiangyu Group
zhejiang Grand
Zhejiang Grand Import& Export Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd





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